Flags out

Like yesterday I was complaining about the people who put a t-shirt on the wall, today I would like to talk about the people who put the flags on the window or the balcony. If you live in a small town in your Country, all the flags will be the same. Still, if you are […]

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Where is the catch ?

The positive side of being single is evident after the first two weeks. You have spent just crying and think about how to kill yourself. Without having any pain and desist from killing yourself, more or less because when you put on google “how to kill me,” the

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Amondo Kino

C’è una via, praticamente in quello che i locali chiamano “centrum”, dove puoi trovare ottimi ristoranti, panifici di prima classe e caffè di gran classe. La via si chiama Zurawia e non è lunga, quindi non dovrebbe essere difficile, davanti al N. 20 come dice il website,

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