We need more energy

We need more energy

It’s very hard this days.

I feel a bit sad to be isolated from the rest of the world but I must and we must remember, in this delicate moment, that we can make a difference too.

Making important choices, investing in relationships with people who have been close to us and important in life, giving confidence to those who love us, deciding to invest something more to be close to the people we love and respect us.

Bring joy and ethics, support to others with us every day and feel an integral part of everything around us, even if we have the perception that everything is firm and everyone is selfish.

Even Bob Dylan has a kind thought for all of us, and few weeks ago he gave us a song he had been holding for a long time.

Sixteen minutes of pure poetry and caresses.

All things we need terribly these days.

Have a lovely day (and week), Massimo

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