A slice of my feeling

A slice of my feeling

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..but for now just a slice.

by Massimo Usai

I can’t stand the rules.

I can’t stand the stupidity and illogic of things.

Although I actually love chaos. I am chaotic, confusing, devoid of any organizational sense.

Characteristically unstable and emotionally ultra fragile.
Often immersed in my thoughts, I love to live in details and feed on emotions.
I collect sentences from films and records, I emphasize famous lines from random books, and I like to stop things with a photoshoot.


Sincere, loyal, frank and often confused. Sometimes acid and arrogant for this same reason.
Grumpy, yes, often, but I also know how to love, and to love means to enjoy a lot, with my whole being and this is, in my opinion, my biggest flaw.

..almost everything

Massimo Usai
Massimo Usai

Associate of British Freelance Photography

We are back to Lockdown

As expected from last spring, here in Brussels we are again in lockdown. Governments around the Continents indeed try to call it “partial lockdown”, but it is difficult to seriously see many differences from what we had last spring across Europe. What we are about to experience again from this week it’s very close to […]


The voyage with the Titanic was ( almost ) entirely magnificent

The Majority of the government are saying more or less the same phrase: “People should stop complaining endlessly about testing and see what this country has achieved.” Sure, great logic, it’s like if I will say: “People forget that 95% of the Titanic’s maiden voyage was accident-free, delightful sailing.” Advertisements


It’s called “Hysteria’

Has anyone else noticed there seems to be a rise in humor lately? Good sign? Or a sign of impending madness? Honestly, we need it some humour!We either laugh or cry, and I’ve done enough of the latter these last 7 months.Up till very late the other night, helpless with laughter at “Humanity” by Ricky […]


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