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..but for now just a slice.

by Massimo Usai

I can’t stand the rules.

I can’t stand the stupidity and illogic of things.

Although I actually love chaos. I am chaotic, confusing, devoid of any organizational sense.

Characteristically unstable and emotionally ultra fragile.
Often immersed in my thoughts, I love to live in details and feed on emotions.
I collect sentences from films and records, I emphasize famous lines from random books, and I like to stop things with a photoshoot.

Keep the Change A slice of my feeling 6a00d8341cf45353ef014e5fef5334970c 800wi

Sincere, loyal, frank and often confused. Sometimes acid and arrogant for this same reason.
Grumpy, yes, often, but I also know how to love, and to love means to enjoy a lot, with my whole being and this is, in my opinion, my biggest flaw.

..almost everything

Antimo Magnota at the V&A in London

Antimo Magnotta: The “Italian pianist” at the V&A in London proved that life is still worth living.

By Massimo Usai (L’Intervista in italian cliccando qui) When two Italian meets in London, the discussions always go in the same way: some words about Italy and many comments about how we are doing in life. I met Antimo by accident a few years ago. One day, Tony, a good friend of mine, with the […]

Antimo Magnotta play live in London

Antimo Magnotta, Il Pianista Italiano alla V&A di Londra che dimostra come la vita e’ degna d’essere vissuta per intero.

Intervista di Massimo Usai Quando due italiani si incontrano a Londra, le discussioni vanno sempre super giu’ allo stesso modo: alcune parole sull’Italia e molti commenti su come va la vita nella nuova citta’. Ho incontrato Antimo  per caso qualche anno fa, mentre faceva il suo lavoro: Il Pianista. Un giorno, Tony, un mio caro amico […]

England and his voting system

A nightmare for England that the elite are taking advantage of? No. 1 Problem: The controversial voting system!

By Massimo Usai How on Earth has England ended up with a system that allows the vilest people in the land to be voted into power by a minority who are at best misguided, at worst, deranged? The voting system it’s for sure the problem. There is no doubt It’s so antiquated and out of […]

Massimo Usai

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