Are We Just Spoiled People Born In The “Lucky” Part of the World Who Cry Like Babies For Every Effort Is Required?

Are We Just Spoiled People Born In The “Lucky” Part of the World Who Cry Like Babies For Every Effort Is Required?

In life, we have always worn masks to live in everyday society.

Now they are creating a problem for a medical mask, which is then used to protect ours and the health of others.

I think it is very “sad” for some people to think of freedom if they think that a mask can take it away.

In my opinion, an idea of ​​freedom based on the fact that some are not willing to put on a simple mask to avoid hurting others is strongly wrong.

Also, in my life have I participated in real battles and demonstrations for the true freedom of the people.
Where were these people? Who is now rebelling against an alleged “freedom” that is being deprived?
Above all, is your freedom to endanger my health?

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You can be free not to believe it. Of course, you can believe the links that you read on social networks or that some friends pass you, but you wear the mask to protect me.


Wearing the mask indoors and in public places does not limit anyone’s freedom and does not hurt. It is prevention and respect for the high.

I know it is a mistake to go into the merits of the fascist populist propaganda. The term “freedom” pronounced by them is an oxymoron, a contradiction, an empty word with effect.
They simply limit themselves to all that is dull and probably selfish.

In my life, I have fought a thousand battles against the Right in the World, and now I am doing another one of freedom. Based on the facts and not on the populistic lies that many are riding.

Open your eyes and think carefully about what ‘freedom’ is”.

Photo by Anna Shvets on
Massimo Usai
Massimo Usai

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