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Don’t do it !

Have you ever tried to isolate yourself? No, I don’t mean to isolate yourself for a few hours in your home. In the comfort of the return in any case of a loved and known person. No. Have you tried to isolate yourself for days, weeks, and months in an unknown house? In a city alone? Where do you know no one?

Don’t do it.

Do not isolate yourself for too many days, sooner or later you will end up sleeping continuously, with losing interest in things. You’ll end up talking to the ghosts. To get angry with yourself in front of the bathroom mirror.

Your eyes will always look at the same point and then turn to observe you in your own head.

You think you need all this, but you don’t need it.

It’s not a positive experiment. It’s a bad experience.

Of course, it helps to understand that it’s a bad experience. But don’t isolate yourself for too long. Do it for two hours, three, but then look for your people. Search for your things.

Live your life. 

The one you accidentally have. And accept it. Either if it’s hard and very harsh to take it.

Massimo Usai

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