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Inside The New World

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There is a light at the end of the tunnel ?

By Massimo Usai

We have seen Army trucks bring bodies to cremate away from cities.

There was no longer any place in the crematoriums in the area.

Who would have thought in his life to see such a thing?

In Europe? In Italy?

It was known that sooner or later, such a thing would happen but you are not prepared when it happens. It seems to be part of a Sci-fi movie.

But wasn’t a movie.

It is also distressing to realize that if you get any disease and you need the hospital, they will reject you, living you with more fear.

You can’t go to meet friends, the family is far away and spread in the world.
Borders are closed like every country is at war to each other.

You have to live with the idea that if a family member got the virus or anything else, you have to leave him alone. Even if he were on the verge of death.

Our life changed in an instant, just between February and March. And who knows how long this feeling of fear and tension will last?

Hoping there may be a light at the end of the tunnel.

I missed my loved ones, and I still miss them, and I know that when I see them again, I will be afraid to hug them.
The video calls with them, with hours and hours of video chat but you feel are not enough.

I would like to wish you a good day now that it seems that life in Europe is slowly recovering, but is it possible?
In the rest of the world, the virus is doing more harm than it did in Europe.

We are not even sure that the dead are truly officially declared.

Them economical and health situations not up to our European standards and so many countries are under a dictator.

People who prefer not to show the real numbers of infections and deaths to keep the population, not in a panic, does not bode well for the final number of victims.

Writing on the blog, while everything was creaking around was a challenging undertaking.

Still, it is the only foothold I had to go on, which made me wake up early, and which injected me with adrenaline.

Today I went out, some shopping, I took the Underground, and I took a coffee in a bar, and it all seems over.

You go out into the street, and nothing seems to have happened.

Still, I have a feeling of fear. I still feel that shiver when someone passes me by.

I put on my mask and try to face the world. I hope I am still capable of it.

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Massimo Usai
Massimo Usai

Associate of British Freelance Photography

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