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An idiot prayer of empty words

If you’re in Heaven then you’ll forgive me, dear Because that’s what they do up there.
If you’re in Hell, then what can I say You probably deserved in anyway.
I guess I’m gonna find out any day For we’ll meet again And there’ll be Hell to pay
(by Nick)

Viaggiare sicuri

By Massimo Usai È di ieri la notizia che all’aeroporto di Heathrow, nel 2020, il business è sceso del 78%, se pensate che per tre…
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Already Five Years

By Massimo Usai Five years after that day, I was awakened by the terrible news of the White Duke’s departure. It was a surprise, for…
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person holding injection

Everyone’s Life

By Massimo Usai I fear that the Institutions and Doctors’ noble idea of convincing No Vax to get vaccinated through scientific arguments are in vain.…
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Massimo Usai

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