A Day in Monte Carlo: It’s Not Just Luxury and Grand Prix Memorabilia

A Day in Monte Carlo: It’s Not Just Luxury and Grand Prix Memorabilia

I’ve spent five days in Nice, and one day I took the train and went to Montecarlo.

I went out for a walk as soon as I come out of the train and found the streets not very busy.

Some people were milling around, but it was so quiet in general.

People in Montecarlo don’t talk loud.

People were whispering, speaking quietly into their phones and keeping close to their partners.

The shops were all empty, and the bars and restaurants were taking in their tables and chairs, packing them away with sombre faces and without a word spoken.

The massive boats in the port were closed, and a security man stood guard.

Keep a close eye to us who with an open mouth was surprising to see how big those boats were.

My first search was the line of the start of the Grand Prix of Monaco, and as soon I found it, I start to walk to complete the circuit by feet.

The Start point of the Monaco Grand Prix – photo by ©massimousai

It’s fascinating, clouds and weather, in general, helps me to do it without me so tired at the end of the long walk.

The track has remained substantially unchanged since its creation in 1929, and you feel the history when you walk on this asphalt.

A green Lamborghini was slowly driving around the streets, and I watched how to disappear at the entrance of the Fairmont Hairpin.

Fairmont Hairpin ‘ Monte Carlo – Monaco. – Photo by ©massimousai

I look further, and the opening of the “Tunnel” was just next to me.

I quickly scurried back to the building next to me, balconies today empty but in May, during the Grand Prix are full of thousands of people.

Anyway, Montecarlo isn’t just Formula One and his Grand Prix and in fact, to read about that, I suggest you read this blog.

To me Montecarlo was also a beautiful town, that is posh to the limit, but life is enjoyable either for people like me.

So, as usual, I did so many pictures, and just here I want to show you the collection of my trip to Principality of Monaco

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Massimo Usai
Massimo Usai

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