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In the last year, we had everything. Not last I was living in Warsaw and here in Poland still.

Warsaw has been my hotspot during this pandemic time.

Hanging out, shopping, seat in the bar, close at home like everyone else during the lockdown.

I spend so much time watching and learning.

Watching people around, how polish people think and how they react to issues and I learn how different it’s is from us come from western Europe.

Geographic and mentality it’s at the opposite end from London. In this place, I spend the previous twenty years of my life.

In some many ways, they are similar, but I must say they are more identical to England then to London. At least as mentality.

Now it’s time to move again.

I still looking for to the magical place where I would be happy but for now, I must be sure I could find in the new site a book shop and a coffee shop to find myself in peace.

blue fishing boat

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Massimo Usai

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