Priti Patel: wanting to be accepted even at the price of (almost) denying her history

Priti Patel: wanting to be accepted even at the price of (almost) denying her history

Priti Patel is the daughter of immigrant parents.

Like her so many people we have in the UK, comes from immigrant parents, especially from the second Indian generation.

So many Indians was forced to move from India to Africa in the ’50/’60, and they manage a way to become quite wealthy and make money enough to be hated in Africa and by consequence they become racist with the local community.

So the parents of Priti Patel parents move to England, like so many African/Indians with a similar story and they established business in England.

After suffering a “Racist attitude” from an old fashion English people, they have the resource to send the kids at right University, and now we have a wave of people, born around the ’70, who become influencers in the political life.

Maybe this is the reason that now in charge, her and so many with the same story in the background, become quite an indifference versus the immigrants and they don’t like either people come from Europe.

So if you don’t understand why she is so hateful to other immigrants who want to live in the UK as her parents did, maybe look at her history, and you will realise she is suffering the “wanting to be accepted” syndrome, widespread in these cases.

God help me if my daughter becomes extremist haters like Patel, but it’s true that in my family we considerer ourself “European“, so not immigrant like she thinks we are.

Also my parents always teach me how we are just “people” in this Planet and not white, black, Indian or Russians.

In fact, in my mind and my culture, she is just a person but they way she talk and act force me to check what is wrong in her history.

She is a victim of the “Whiter than White” syndrome.

The one you could easy extensively experienced if you have an open mind and live in London, where I have received the most racism remarkable words from a lot of people like her and not from the indigenous community.

East London by ©massimousai

I have the first-hand experience of these types of people who make the BNP look like amateurs when it comes to being racist…

I never received any racist comment or attitude from a Londoner, but sometimes I had from people with a history in the background similar to her and it’s quite confusing.

Of course my reaction is different.

I just argue If it’s worth it or I pass by with a smile and that’s it.

But why Priti Patel and a lot of people with her history are like that?

Many older immigrants have managed to turn it around, so anyone arriving after them is the ‘wrong’ type of immigrant.

It’s quite shocking to hear from their children, though.

They probably think it affords them some protection.

They are deluded, no doubt.

In the end, honestly, I think she hates herself and where she’s from.

She seeks to distance herself from immigrants and “Brown” people, in the hopes of being accepted by the White folks she works for.

But in the end, the contempt for herself and her history must be immense, to get to behave as she is behaving.

Massimo Usai
Massimo Usai

Associate of British Freelance Photography

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