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Sometimes songs could make you smile, or sad.

Sometimes songs make you to think and to reflect.

Depends on the moment you listen to those songs.

Sometimes songs have a different mean when the versions are new and touching.
There are sometimes only a word or a phrase in a song, to make you change your mood or give you the right push to change your life.

For me, songs have always played an essential part in my life decisions.

They accompanied me in joys and sorrows.
This song from Nick Cave made my days so many times.

It’s like touching my soul when nothing even no longer would the most.
When it hurts so much inside, this makes it hurt even more. But it also helps.

If you needed a song to help cope with how you are feeling, and you couldn’t decide on anything until you just thought try to listen to this song. Probably will perfectly fit what’s going on with you right now.

You’ve got to just keep on pushing it
Keep on pushing it
Push the sky away

I got a feeling I just can’t shake
I got a feeling that just won’t go away

Nick Cave

This post is directly connected to the one I wrote yesterday. So if you have missed my yesterday’s post, you could always catch up with it here.

And now it’s the time for the song and for this amazing new version.

Nick Cave and Warren Ellis perform “Push the Sky Away” in December 2019 with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra and Sydney Philharmonia Choirs. 

Take few minutes, for yourself. Sit down and enjoy. It’s just pure “Life”and “Motivation”.

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