The Best Records of My Life: Chet Baker – My Funny Valentine –

The Best Records of My Life: Chet Baker – My Funny Valentine –

They are not the best records ever. Maybe they are too.
But that’s not the point of this page on my blog.
Once a week, every Sunday.
The records that most contributed to getting to this point in my life.
The reason why I decided to write about my music in this way is that I am turning sixty this year.
Music has been essential in my growth as a person.
It made me make life choices, some even wrong, probably.
Every Monday, I will start to listen to a record that I think has been crucial in my past.
I’ll play it until I come out with happy memories, emotions and maybe some tears.
Finally, I will leave you every Sunday to let you find the record I was listening and to discovered something more about me.

Massimo Usai

Chet Baker has a voice like no other. Very very distinctive. It seems that you either love him or can’t stand him. I LOVE him.

This record it’s a compilation. Was realised in 1994 from the Pacific Jazz and it will be the only compilation you will find in my list of “the best records of my life“.

His voice is haunting in a sort of way. Very mellow. Almost melancholy. His trumpet playing is flawless.

I was introduced to his music a few years before by a friend of mine who was a big fan of Chet. Unfortunately, I never have the time to say thanks to him.

I partial aware of his legend!! and when I bought one of his books I asked to myself: Where had I been?!!

Now I own probably 30 of his albums, and Chet Baker is part of my life.

When I bought this record, I was already inside his legacy, but this album comes out in a strange moment of my life.

My daughter just born few years, relationship with my wife was up and down, and my personal business was growing and keep me so busy. I was also so much in the deep involvement of politic life in my old town.

So many things were going on, and in my mind, I always have the idea to leave and move to London, probably this album arrives at the right moment.

I was a lot of time sad because I think I could take any decision and I felt myself inside in a kind of box. Everything around stops me from making any kind of choice.

Chet’s music is so exceptional, and this particular record is my favourite one. It creates the move I need it inside myself.

It’s an excellent record to be playing in the car, for background music at a dinner party, for romantic moments, during the hot evening summer in Sardinia or watching the stars in the Alps. For me was just perfect for hanging out at home!
It is a terrific album from the first heartbeat bass note of the title track. , it really sets your mood.

Also, I saw in his such a “messed up” life some reflection of mine. Is that enough to love a piece of the great music? Of course, it’s is.

Mellow to the point of seductive.

Baker wraps his lips around the mic and mouthpiece for a sweet kiss that lasts three-quarters of an hour. Whether singing praises (“My Funny Valentine“), asking for love (“Someone to Watch Over Me“), or not saying anything at all (instrumentals such as “Moonlight Becomes You” and “Sweet Lorraine“), Baker puts his heart into every note. And you feel it because you could quickly start to cry without any apparent reason.

Even when he admitting to his summer crush that “I’ve Never Been In Love Before,” Baker delivers the line with such innocence that you just know it worked inside your soul.

Baker rich the point of seduction in every single moment of this beautiful record.

The years between 1995 and 1998 has been so crucial to discover me and to try to find a way out from a box that I have been inside for so long.

This is way, Chet Baker and this fantastic compilation is part of the records of my life.

Massimo Usai
Massimo Usai

Associate of British Freelance Photography

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