The Music of My Life: Kate Bush – Hounds of Love –

The Music of My Life: Kate Bush – Hounds of Love –

By Massimo Usai

Are there any “Ten” albums? Yes, some.

What I present to you today, on my long list of albums of the music of my life, is a classic album who will rate ten without so many complains.

Kate Bush’s reputation is significant in the world of pop-rock music.

Her role as pioneer as some unique sound has been accepted by most critics and academic commentators of the music of the last century.

Today I will explore how, with the release of her fifth album, Hounds of Love, in 1985, she broke my heart, and this album becomes so crucial in my life.

If Kate Bush is an artist who needs no introduction – and she certainly shouldn’t from the people usually read my blog – then Hounds of Love is probably the reason why. 

Kate’s 1985 album The Hounds Of Love was more than just exceptional, however.

One could certainly use that accolade in describing her four previous and all subsequent records.

Still, Hounds Of Love was exquisite for many entirely only the best album ever made.

1985 was the year when Springsteen and Madonna are topping the chart and full all the stadium in the world and in July was Live Aid‘s time.

So was a challenging year to come out with something original and been notice but if any record that starts with Running Up That Hill, for sure you notice.

Ok, the previous records from Kate Bush was a massive success in any angle of the planet, but here, her vocals are magic.

With her voice and the hypnotic sound of so many songs like “The Big Sky” or the title track, you are caught forever.

The glasses of broken at the start of “mother stands for comfort” are a joy for the pair of good speakers I got it. 

The follow “Cloudbusting” is probably her best song ever.

The album was an enormous hit in the UK, with Bush even knocking Madonna’s Like a Virgin from the number-one spot in the UK albums charts.

In the same time, I have listened to this album for so many years without never be bored.

Also, I still play in these days and always sound fresh and full of surprises.

The lyrics are adapting themselves to my life, and I’m sure, the day I will be 100, I will still pick up these records to celebrate my birthday party.

Massimo Usai
Massimo Usai

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