The past is just “history”

The past is just “history”

When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I think about is the great privilege I have to be alive once again.

I am a natural optimist, and I like to talk more about tomorrow than in the past.
I consider the past “history”, where nothing can be changed because it has already happened.
Like when I take a photo, in the same instant that I made it, it is automatically “passed”. I look at it, I observe it, and I never say “how I could have done it better”, because that moment will never be there more’.

Even if you take a picture of a monument or a bench, it’s past few instants.
That condition of light will never be repeated. Whatever happened when I took the picture, even if it were an aeroplane that flew over the sky at that moment and gave a veil of sudden shadow.

In case I classify it as an “experience” and as such, I observe it, like the things that happened in life.
Every experience is a lesson, and every experience hides, even if it may seem at first negative, a positive side and from which to draw courage to improve the next day.

The past is just “history”

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