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“The universe has no meaning, it is people who give meaning to the universe.”

By Massimo Usai

It's a great quote that recently I hear again in the last Yuval Noah Harari : "21 lessons for the 21st Century".

“However, people are part of the universe, therefore the universe has meaning.”?

I like with this statement because it’s true that the Universe doesn’t have any meaning, outside human perception that is.
Also, we could find two different way to read the meaning of the Universe.

One is through Science, and one is through religion.

So the Universe, by itself, doesn’t have any mean. It’s a fact, and the Science analyses it in the same way but it’s too simple and too logic, this is why we have religions.

To try to make an explanation to the ordinary people that could have a consolation with a simple “answer” that might say God allows the Universe to function and exist.

In this way, some people can see the occurrence of natural phenomena, which they believe is caused by God. “This isn’t Science, this is God’s power”. They can feel his presence, and contact like they have touched the meaning of life.

When we see a big storm, the scientist person and the religious person seem similar activity.

Anyway, the religious person is experiencing a sort of personal objective meaning, The science person sees and accurate meaning to the Universe that can be experienced by all people.

So Objective sense of the Universe is relative to the observers.

But it’s, without doubt, created by us.

The Universe by itself doesn’t have any meaning a part be “the Universe”.

Life has no meaning, and it’s just men try to create a “meaning”, and this is why we have depression, hate and war in the world.

Just get over it, and probably we would live better.

We discover that life in Paradise in precisely the one we are living and not one that doesn’t exist.

Because life is now, not when we will die.