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Keep the Change “There is no final word, there’s always tomorrow.” DSC 0988

Medieval times we live in. Tribalism, conspiracy theories, anti science, fear of change…

The sentence above explains how it is possible that the world has gone from enjoying the wonders that we have around where we are now.
Qualified racists, idiots wherever you look, governments that are 95% charlatans and oppositions led by fucking and fraudulent imbeciles.
Around absolute nothingness.
Just a mad desire to disappear.

Brussels during Lockdown

One of the many advantages of the “Lockdown” that can be really so many and help to survival in this strange time

By Massimo Usai One of the many advantages of the lockdown is to be able to take a camera in a city of a few million people, which attracts thousands of tourists every day and still have the opportunity to take photographs in some of the most visited places in the world, in complete solitude. […]

Massimo Usai

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