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Keep the Change Useless protest at the wrong time London 15

The unnecessary controversy of wealthy western citizens will lead them to protest today against a vaccine that does not exist and that the peoples of the Amazonia would like more than ever at the moment.
While the racial problem has exploded evidently in the world, and while entire peoples are at risk of disappearing due to complaints from the virus, we, the western populations, a chance to be ridiculous and to be shammed by organizing marches tomorrow in some European’s Capitals against the administration of a non-existent vaccine.

The Amazon is decimating under the effect of the Coronavirus, in the almost general silence of the affluent west

Most of the world hungers for a vaccine to put an end to the death and economic destruction wrought by COVID-19, some anti-vaccine groups are joining some protesters to challenge restrictions aimed at protecting public health.

Many anti-vaccine activists — who have claimed in this months that Covid-19 isn’t that serious still insisting that coronavirus isn’t dangerous enough to justify staying home. and wear the mask or whatever need it to be stopped.

They agree, in the end, with Donald Trump that the ‘cure’ for the pandemic could be worse than the disease itself. In fact they are agreeing with him and all the right-wing activists in the world.

Brussels during Lockdown

One of the many advantages of the “Lockdown” that can be really so many and help to survival in this strange time

By Massimo Usai One of the many advantages of the lockdown is to be able to take a camera in a city of a few million people, which attracts thousands of tourists every day and still have the opportunity to take photographs in some of the most visited places in the world, in complete solitude. […]

Massimo Usai

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