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2020 was a terrible year for every point of view. Significant changes in our lives that will mark our future.

We need hope; we need a positive signal before the end of this year.

Tonight it must come from the United States.

Trump is the negative symbol of the last four years.

He’s a failure as president but more importantly he’s an absolute failure as a human being

He marked and awakened the worst instinct of humanity.

That part of humanities that had been segregated for years on the margins of society for a simple reason: The danger they create in our difficult balance as “Men”.

Tonight we are just waiting for a result; we are just waiting for a verdict.

This morning we woke up to another brutality of humanity in Vienna, tomorrow morning the world must wake up with a smile.

We all need it, even those who are “angry” are drooling behind this Criminal.

Vote him out !

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One Word Sunday: Arsenal

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