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By Massimo Usai

Well, I’m drunk.

It’s just one o’clock in the afternoon, and my head is spinning.

I could not handle the beer that accompanied my sandwich with mortadella.

I didn’t have time for a hot lunch.

I’ve been jumping from BBC to Sky news since last night and checking Twitter to see if the monster has been turned away.

Beer costs less than Coca Cola, which is also more expensive than wine in this part of Europe.

But I really wanted a coke, to make a thunderous belch in the face of the Orange’s Man.

But in the end, I opted for a beer, a lovely Leffe dark.

But now I’m drunk.

When this morning I see the election results at the time of his speech to call for the counting to stop i was looking for more strong drink of a beer.

Trump is behind in the popular vote and in the E College votes.

How dies his speech even make sense.

But USA still very far to Wake up the man is danger and fraud.

Okay like this, I don’t want to hear Trump’s nonsense words, threats, and nonsense anymore and I don’t want to believe that I’ll have to listen to them for another four years.

Supporting this madman is insane. Anyone who supports him has serious mental problems.

I’m drunk, I made myself a coffee, and I wrote these nonsense words.

A slice of Ricotta cake I made last night brought me back a moment of lucidity.

I have a bottle of prosecco in the fridge for tonight.

Seriously, I want to be a lot drunker, and I want to sleep and make up for those hours I wasted last night watching US streams like a maniac.

I still don’t have a smile on my face, but I hope to have it later.

I’m sitting on my armchair, and I’m waiting for good news, the coffee flows hot and tasty inside my body.

I need many more coffees to get through the day, and I hope he doesn’t have to wait another day to get the sigh of relief I’ve been waiting for four years.

But the funny part of this event is that USA is the country of Microsoft, Tesla, Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Twitter, Google, Netflix and many other technical top organisations but is not able to know the vote results 24 hours after the Election Day!!!

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