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Brussels during Lockdown

One of the many advantages of the “Lockdown” that can be really so many and help to survival in this strange time

By Massimo Usai One of the many advantages of the lockdown is to be able to take a camera in a city of a few million people, which attracts thousands of tourists every day and still have the opportunity to take photographs in some of the most visited places in the world, in complete solitude. […]

Olympic in London

I am forever indebted to London: finding peace by always showing the photos I take in my city.

By Massimo Usai I became excellent friends with the town of London a long time ago. A love that started before I visited as a tourist for the first time in 1983. It became more close every time I went to London, and after I moved there to live, I started to shoot like a […]

selective focus photography of open signage

5 London’s restaurants to visit as we start to celebrate “food with friends” with safety in our mind

By Massimo Usai The restaurant’s “reopening day” in London is very close. As soon the celebrations for Easter are over, pressure is beginning to be felt from all the catering industry for the days we will celebrate “foodie” again.. Two phases, the first from April 12th for those who have the ease of serving food […]


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